Jerome Tuccille

The Saloon-keeper's Daughter

This book is a page turner, the kind you simply canít put down. Mr. Tuccille is an accomplished writer, and his skills are put to good use in this remarkable story. The authorís new novel tells a tale of lust, greed, infidelity, and betrayal. When petty gambler Salvatore makes a play for Joe Marano's daughter, the mob-connected patriarch changes his will on his deathbed, depriving Salvatore and his only daughter of easy access to his fortune. Tuccille juxtaposes this narrative with childhood scenes, invariably filled with guilt, anxiety, and strife, thanks in large part to his parentsí loveless marriage. This short novel is filled with spicy details and clever turns of phrase. The story never lags. It is generally skillful and engagingly detailed. A not-to-be missed reading adventure.

ófrom Writerís Digest

History, Military, African-American
The inspiring story of the first African American soldiers to serve during the post-slavery era.
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