Jerome Tuccille

jacket cover of Gallery of Fools

Gallery of Fools

Gallery of Fools is the true story of a major art heist in New York City. After returning from a vacation in California with his wife and family, the author is reluctantly drawn into a crime involving the theft of priceless paintings from a Manhattan art gallery, perpetrated by members of his family. The author escapes at the end only by sheer luck, or perhaps the grace of a benevolent deity. In June 2007, one of the paintings, Monet’s “Nympheas,” sold at auction in London for $36 million. Tuccille tries to find redemption in a quixotic political campaign when he runs for Governor of New York, only to have his life unravel before his eyes in a way he could not have foreseen. A revised and updated edition was published by Whiskey Creek Press in December 2010.

History, Military, African-American
The inspiring story of the first African American soldiers to serve during the post-slavery era.
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